This is a personal project I began some time ago. I often pair objects with memories and this is one of those examples. Below, are just a few thoughts to accompany this simple illustration and motion design.

Even just two beats from a song can catapult us deep into memory. Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey takes me straight to the dance floor at my sister Lucienne’s wedding. It was summertime in Ohio and humid. 1990 was the year on the calendar so there were lots of capped sleeves and WASPY Lilli Pulitzer patterns weaving about a 500 person headcount. At that age, I never thought I would marry. But when I saw my sister’s face looking at her newly wedded husband dancing to that song, there was a bookmark laid down inside of me. I have turned to that page many times over. And will again many more times to come. I never tire of that song and Van’s words. Nor of her smile and her new husband’s willingness toward her. With the mixture of Tupelo Honey, witnessing that dance, and my gathered life experiences I can see that moment moved me a little more towards who I’ve become. I wonder how those same ingredients just a year from now will change the bookmark? Or will it? But certainly, music, art, and poetry make it all take shape within us. What magic.

Drawn in Procreate, layered in Photoshop and finalized with motion in After Effects.