For ten years Suzanne worked in the Graphic Design and Advertising fields. In 2004 she took roughly 200 products to market at the National Stationery Show as Blanckslate, and her business became an overnight success. She is a talented surface designer, and illustrator whose work has been embraced by buyers and customers all over the world. Suzanne has worked with and licensed art to well known and “Design-Leader” brands such as Barney’s of New York, Anthropologie, Kate’s Paperie, Target, Ito-ya, and Oopsy-Daisy just to name a few. Her talents have also been used for years to create luxurious products and invitations for Couture Event Planning Agencies around the world.

Since having children she has left the manufacturing side of her business up to the manufacturers and has begun to concentrate solely on commission work and license based projects. On any given day you will find Suzanne in her studio with a large cup of coffee and a joyful mess of color, paper, and paint all around her. Her style is constantly gaining new insight and sophistication due to her prolific nature as an artist and designer. Her surface design, illustration style, superior eye for color and color trends have the ability to bring clients products to the next level.

Check out her current work updates on client projects and personal work. See how Suzanne uses a sprinkling of techniques to create her signature style which include collage, cut paper, India ink, oil pastels, markers, digital iPad apps, Photoshop, Illustrator and of course the trusty pencil!

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